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Barbed Wire Fence

chain link fence with post and barb wire

In general, a barbed-wire fence has several uses, especially in agricultural and commercial environments. This fencing solution has been around for well over a 1OO years, and we are confident it will be around for another 1OO. It is created by simply twisting hard sections of wire together so that they form sharp points at various points. It is extremely cheap when one compares it to the alternatives that are available on the open market. To see what it can be used for, why not have a look below or give us a call should you want more information.


This is by far the most common reason our clients seek out a barbed wire fencing solution. It is commonly used in the agricultural sector to contain the movement of life stock, create demarcations, or provide a level of security or protection. We also find that our local correctional services are always on the lookout for some barbed wire to increase their containment capabilities. No matter what the need might be, you can rest assured knowing that barb wire should get the job done. For all your containment solutions and more, please give us a call.


We challenge you to show us a fencing solution that comes close to the protective capabilities that barbed wire can offer. It can be erected in such a way, that any intruders or unwanted visitors will think twice before trying to enter your property. It can be used to protect prize crops or possessions. The fact that it is also able to span vast distances has also made it a crowd favorite. So if you have been looking to add an extra layer of protection, all you have to do is give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist.


When one finally settles on a fencing solution, one of the factors you will need to focus on is its ability to withstand anything that is thrown at it. Now depending on the type and quality barbed wire solution you have chosen, it is safe to expect that it will last anywhere between 7 and 1O years without breaking a sweat. In the case of class 3 galvanized solution, you can expect it to last 2O years or more. So now that you have the answer to this question, the only thing that is left for you to do is to call us.

Quality Material

It does not matter what type of fencing solution you end up choosing, if it is not made using only the best raw materials, we guarantee it will not be able to deliver all the advantages you may expect. To ensure this never happens when you use one of our solutions, we always use only the best raw materials. This not only ensures a level of quality and consistency but allows us to give our clients much more than they ever expected. So stop wasting your time with sub-par solutions, and give the experts at Abilene Fence Company a call today.

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