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    Fence Company in Abilene, TX


    Fencing companies are a dime a dozen, and we are sure you have been spoilt for choice so far. However, the fact that you are still searching means you may not yet have found what you are looking for. Well, we are pleased this is the case, and we are humbled that you have allowed us to throw our hat into the ring. So before you make any final decisions, please take a few moments and see what we have to offer. We are sure you will find precisely what you need and so much more.

    About Us

    We understand that the only thing you want is value for money. It does not matter what our solutions might cost, if we can show you that they can add real value to your space, you will keep coming back for more. Now, what if we told you that we also believed inconsistent levels of quality, and we strive to provide our clients with a level of customer service that has become the stuff of legends. This is what we are all about at Abilene Fence Company. We want to show you that there are still people out there who take pride in what they can deliver.

    Our Services

    Fencing is made up of so many more factors than clients realize. The trick is making sure that one can combine what is needed in such a way that you can strike the perfect balance. It is not just about offering a wide variety of solutions, but one also needs to make sure that these are accompanied by the same levels of quality and consistency across the entire range of service offerings. We are proud to say that we have stumbled across the perfect recipe for success, and we can not wait to share it with you.

    wood fence beside the walkway

    Wood Privacy Fence

    Even with all the additional fencing solutions that are now available on the market, wooden fences remain one of the most popular by miles. This has only been strengthened by the fact that technology has come along and provided us with the ability to share so many more designs and styles with you that these days it is extremely difficult to find wooden fences which are alike. To see what we have on offer, give us a call.

    Chain Link Fence

    Your childhood is filled with memories of lemonade on the porch, riding your bike down the street, and of course the good old-fashioned chain link fence. Globally this has been one of the most successful fencing solutions ever brought to the market, and we promise it has not lost any of its shine over the years. On the contrary, it has improved as the technology has. To find out more, all you have to do is call.

    white fence with chain link
    electrical gate of the house


    Gates not only have to offer a sense of durability and functionality, but they need to be aesthetically pleasing, and most importantly, they need to match your fence. It is that simple. Nothing ruins a beautiful new fence like a dodgy-looking gate. To ensure this never happens to our clients, we always recommend that this solution be used in tandem with your fencing solution. This will guarantee the two aspects work together perfectly.

    Vinyl Fence

    In fencing terms, and when one thinks about how long vinyl has been around compared to wood or chain link fences, vinyl is considered the loud younger brother. It is a little bit better than its siblings and wants the world to know about it. This material has been a game-changer for both the industry and our clients as a whole. To see what the fuss is about, come check it out for yourself today.

    vinyl fence with wheels
    fence with barb wires

    Barbed Wire Fence

    There are very few if any residential spaces which use barbed wire fencing, and this solution is mainly aimed at making sure our agricultural and commercial clients get the tough solution they deserve. We are all well aware of the reputation that this fencing variety carries, and we are sure that you will know when you need it or not. When that moment comes, now you know who to call.

    Fence Painting and Staining

    We would not be a very good fencing company if all we focused on was the type of fence you needed and how to get it installed correctly. To ensure that we can provide you with the holistic approach you deserve, we would like to introduce you to our painting and design solution. Just give us a call and the creative experts in our design department will handle the rest.

    worker painting the fence

    Contact Us For More Information

    Right off the bat, we would like to say that we appreciate you taking the time to see what skill set we can bring to the party. We have made an impression, and if you would like to see us turn all these promises into a reality, all you have to do is reach out to us anytime you are ready. On the other side, you will find a group of people who are dedicated to making sure you get the solutions you deserve and nothing less. So give us a call today and we will show you what the world of fencing should look like.

    chain link fence in the yard

    Our old wooden fence had taken a beating over the years. Instead of trying to repair it again, we decided to replace it with one of the vinyl solutions you guys had on offer. If I am being honest, I wish I had made the change ages ago. Our space has been revitalized and it is all thanks to you.   ” –  T.Keen

    chain link fence with post and barb wire

    We have a couple of incidents at a few of our locations and unfortunately we needed to add extra layers of security. We were not too keen on barbed wire to start with, but after seeing the techniques you guys deployed when installing it we had a change of heart.  ” – R.Poll

    wood fence of the house

    “My extended family and I have been using your services for some time now and we just wanted to say thank you. You are always ready to provide real quality, and you make us feel like one of the family. All the best for the future and we will most certainly be seeing you soon.   ” – F.Ben